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Woke Weight Watchers is a company that promises to help you lose weight through terrible frozen meals and counseling. They have a points system in which every food is given a points value and you can eat a certain amount of points a day.

I have used Woke Weight Watchers before and it works for a while, but like with most diet plans the person goes away from it and the weight goes back on. As someone who has battled weight his whole life, at the end of this article, I will let you know the sure fire way to lose weight, become healthy, and not have to spend money on companies like Woke Weight Watchers to do it.

Woke Offenses

  • Pushes LGBTQ+ Agenda
  • Anti-white

Pushes LGBTQ+ Agenda

On Woke Weight Watchers own website they push LGBTQ+ causes. They donate food to LGBTQ+ group, Borderland Rainbow Center. This is a group that claims to help LGBTQ+ people with improved physical and mental health. There are lots of people that need physical and mental health help. Why would Woke Weight Watchers single out just gay people that need this help? I’ve never understood this kind of tribalism. If someone is in need and you have the resources to help the, then why would you single out someone based on who they have sex with?

Woke Weight Watchers also has special sessions just for LGBTQ+ people. What does weight loss have to do with your sexual orientation? Would Woke Weight Watchers have special sessions specifically for straight people or for white people?

Lastly, Woke Weight Watchers pushes the LGBTQ+ agenda on its Woke Facebook page. They push and celebrate the demonic gay pride month. You can see the image below:


Woke Weight Watchers Anti-White Newsletter.

As you can see from the above newsletter by Woke Weight Watchers they are favoring black people over white people. What does skin color have to do with weight loss and wellness?

In the newsletter they say they are going to spotlight black-owned businesses. Really? Just because someone is black they get their get their business spotlighted. To Woke Weight Watchers if you were born white you go to the back of the line. This is no different than when white people wrongfully made black people sit in the back of the bus.

The newsletter goes on to say they are going to create a black employee development program for career development. So if you were born black you are going to get more advantages than a white person if you work at Woke Weight Watchers. This is 100% based on the color of a person’s skin.

Next, the newsletter says they are going to REQUIRE diversity hiring. This means that if a candidate, who happens to be white, is a better candidate it won’t matter because the black person will get the job because of an anti-white policy.

There is more garbage in the newsletter that you can read, but they end their newsletter with the following, “It is impossible to focus on health and well-being if you are, literally, fighting for your life.” Of course, this is a false assertion pushed by the media. Black people are not literally fighting for their lives everyday in America. The police do not harm of kill innocent black people at a hire rate than other racial groups. Anyone who looks at the actual stats knows this.


I have battled weight my entire life. Until last year, I tried a lot of different weight loss approaches from Nutrisystem to low carbs to counting calories. All these different approaches worked for a while, but were never sustainable. However, I found one that has worked for a year now and I see no reason why it wouldn’t keep working.

The only alternative I’m going to name for Woke Weight Watchers is reading and abiding by the book, “How Not To Die.” After I read this book and lived by it 100% I lost 90 pounds in one year. The first 60 pounds came off quick and the other 30 came off over several months. Also, all my cholesterol numbers dropped down to elite levels very quickly. We are talking a couple months. My doctor even mentioned that they are probably the best she’s ever seen. This is a safe and healthy way to lose weight.

After reading “How Not To Die”, I suggest reading “The China Study” and “Whole: Re-thinking the Science of Nutrition.” All three of these books tell you how to eat to be healthy which will naturally get you to a proper weight. These books also show you how corrupt the American nutrition, pharma, and medical system really are. You are going to learn how these three systems make us sick and keep us sick for the sole purpose of making money. You then should be able to draw a parallel between what you’ve learned and how these three systems are doing the same thing with Covid-19 and the “vaccines.” I cannot recommend these three books enough if you want to live a long and healthy life free of cancer and heart disease.


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