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Woke Verizon Is Morally Broken.


Woke Verizon is telecommunications company based in the US that offers cell service. They are the second biggest cell carrier in the US with over 121 million subscribers. They pulled in about 18 billion in net income last year.

I must admit, their service works very well and it’s fast. It’s often known as the company with the fastest data rates. However, they are so woke I cannot support them in any way. Read on for their woke offenses.

Woke Offenses

  • Anti-White
  • Hates police
  • Pushes LGBTQ+ Agenda


This year it came to light that Woke Verizon made its employees take the anti-white critical race training. The documents show employees were instructed to reflect on various aspects of their identity.

The training went onto teach employees that the US is a deeply racist nation fueled by an equally racist economic system of capitalism. Of course, this is what CRT training is all about. Attacking capitalism and destroying white people. At its heart is marxism. Marxism has always had some type of “critical theory” behind it. This time it’s using the angle of race to achieve its evil goals. Unfortunately, there are too many uninformed people who don’t understand what is going on here and they buy into it. The white liberal is especially susceptible to this type of narrative because they are guilty for their own racism and project it onto every white person.

Woke Verizon hates white people and capitalism.

Hates Police

Next, when Woke Verizon started CRT training they also promoted to defund the police. Their training included an interview between the Woke Verizon vice president David Hubbard and Khalil Muhammad.

Khalil Muhammad is a “professor” of race at Harvard. He is also the great-grandson of the former leader, Elijah Muhammad, of the anti-white Nation of Islam. The Nation of Islam has a long history of anti-white, anti-christian hate and other hateful behavior. After all, they are the ones who assassinated Malcolm X.

During the interview, Muhammad vomits out the typical marxist talking points such as the police protect the rich and criminalize the poor. This whole thing is to destabilize law and order so the society crumbles and then these evil marxist losers can rebuilt their Utopian society that always ends up as hell on Earth for the vast majority of the people. The fact a company would invite this guy to teach anything to their employees tells you a lot about what kind of company it is.

Pushes LGBTQ+ Agenda

Lastly, like any good woke company, Woke Verizon pushes the LGBTQ+ agenda. From their own web site they say they are going to provide homes of LGBTQ+ youth with next-gen technology including 5G. Woke Verizon’s Chief Corporate Social Responsibility Officer(yes, that’s a real title), Rose Stuckey Kirk said, “We believe in the power of technology to transform people’s lives and help to build a more inclusive society.”

How is singling out one group of people being inclusive? If you really wanted to help build an inclusive society you would give this tech away to anybody, not just gay people. They are actually leaving out people by doing this which makes the gay people exclusive from the rest of the people, not inclusive.


There is no great alternative to Woke Verizon or any of the other woke cell companies out there. No matter who you go with you will be giving some money to one of these woke cell companies. The problem is all the big cell companies own all the cell towers and radio spectrum. However, we can limit the money that we give to these cell companies.

First, the carrier I use is PureTalk USA. I have used this company for about two years and there have been no issues. My wife and I get two lines with unlimited talk and text and 2GB of data a month for 36 bucks total. 18 bucks a line. Their service runs on ATT’s towers. Of course Pure Talk has to give a cut to ATT in order to use their towers, but at least we are limiting the amount of money going to ATT or another woke cell carrier. One other note, they give you 5G service for no additional charge.

Secondly, Patriot Mobile offers discounted rates on cell service. They run on Sprint towers. Their thing is they give to causes that patriots would approve of. You aren’t going to catch them giving to Planned Parenthood to help murder babies. For a whole list of what causes they give to click here.

There are a lot of other companies that run on Woke Verizon towers that you can use to limit your support for filthy woke cell companies. Here is a list of about 15 of them. Anyone of them will do. Our goal here is to give as little money as possible to Woke Verizon.


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