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The filthy Woke Patagonia should be dropped from your shopping list


Woke Patagonia is an American clothing company based out of California. They specialize in selling outdoor clothing and gear. They do a little over 200 million a year in sales.

As you will see below, this company doesn’t care if it goes out of business. Its woke ideology is what drives it.

Woke Offenses

  • Against freedom of assembly
  • Against states’ rights
  • Against free and fair elections
  • Against free speech
  • Against energy independence
  • Against low taxes
  • Pushes LGBTQ+ agenda

Against Freedom Of Assembly

Woke Patagonia does not believe that you have a right to assemble if you do not think like they do. They will try to punish you as much as they can if you assemble with people they don’t like.

For example, on August 21st, 2021, Woke Patagonia announced they are pulling their products from Jackson Hole Mountain Resort. What was Jackson Hole Mountain Resort’s crime? They had the nerve to hold a fundraiser for a couple of Republicans.

Of course, there are MANY companies that supply outdoor gear and clothing so this will do nothing to the resort except make them laugh. Woke Patagonia would rather hurt their sales than allow people to gather freely. This would be akin to me not going to a hockey game because they allow liberals in the doors. It’s just insane.

Against States Rights

In 2017, Woke Patagonia pulled out of an outdoor retailer show in Utah. What was Utah’s great crime? They wanted to actually use their own land. This didn’t sit well with Woke Patagonia as they apparently believe that the federal government should own all the land. The CEO of Woke Patagonia said that Utah is a, “hostile environment that puts our industry at risk.” I wonder how the CEO of Patagonia would like someone to come into where they live and say what and where they can build things on. I bet they wouldn’t like that.

Against Free and Fair Elections

In 2021, Woke Patagonia expressed their desire for the federal government to run the elections in this country. Of course the constitution explicitly gives this power to the states, but Woke Patagonia doesn’t care about the constitution. They know that federalizing elections makes it easier to cheat elections. By federalizing election laws, local jurisdictions can’t ensure fair elections in their own area. This is why the founders wrote this part of the constitution this way.

Also, in the run up to the 2020 election, Woke Patagonia put a vulgar message in every pair of shorts they sold encouraging people to vote Trump out. This isn’t necessarily interfering with the elections. They have a right to support a candidate. However, we are sick of companies getting political. Your job is to serve your community with the best possible product you can make. That’s it.

Also in 2021, Woke Patagonia came out against the Georgia voting law that would require an ID to vote. Why would any company or anybody come out against having a requirement of an ID to vote? It’s likely because they know it’s harder to cheat if an ID is required. They can’t mobilize their thousands of illegal aliens and other demonic democrats to illegally vote if an ID is required.

Against Free Speech

In 2020, Woke Patagonia came out against free speech. They stopped their ads on Woke Facebook because they said Woke Facebook didn’t do enough to censor “hate” speech. In case you didn’t know, Facebook does PLENTY to censor speech. For example, they just came out with their censorship report and they banned/censored the following:

  • 20 million Covid posts removed (including from many Doctors!)
  • 190 million posts had Covid “warning labels” added
  • 31 million “hate speech” posts removed

Keep in mind, that was just in a 3 month time period for the second quarter of 2021! It shows you the effort they are putting into stifling free speech and, in many cases, life saving information. I guess Woke Patagonia isn’t interested in that.

Against Energy Independence

In 2021, the Biden administration closed down the Keystone Pipeline which would have brought much needed oil, jobs and energy independence to the USA. Woke Patagonia cheered this decision by saying,

“A big congratulations to all! The termination of this zombie pipeline sets precedent for President Biden and polluters to stop Line 3, Dakota Access, and all fossil fuel projects.”

It seems Woke Patagonia prefers your gas prices are high and our country to be reliant on other countries for our oil needs.

Against Low Taxes

In 2017, Trump signed into law the Tax Cuts and Job act, which lowered corporate taxes and taxes on the middle class and created unprecedented job growth. This didn’t sit well with Woke Patagonia. The company derided the tax cuts as, “irresponsible,” and then proceeded to donate 10 million dollars of their tax cut to a cause they believed in. I guess Woke Patagonia doesn’t understand that that 10 million dollars they donated was much more effective in their hands to their cause than leaving it in the federal government’s hands.

Pushes LGBTQ+ Agenda

In 2016, North Carolina passed a law that required that men go to the bathroom in the men’s room and women have to go to the bathroom in the women’s room. This seems like something any decent person would be all for. Well, Woke Patagonia isn’t run by decent people. They objected to this bill. Apparently they don’t mind their 5 year old daughters being around 45 year old men in the bathroom. That seems sick and demonic to me.


Fortunately, Woke Patagonia doesn’t create anything that is hard to create. They don’t do anything that is special. There are plenty of alternatives to their woke company.

First, you could go to Cabela’s for all your outdoor clothing and gear needs. Cabela’s has it all and you won’t be funding woke causes. One look at their community page and you can see they give to veteran’s causes, their local communities, food banks, etc. They also are good stewards of the environment by planting trees where needed. One note, they are owned by Bass Pro Shops which is another place you could go for some outdoor needs, as they aren’t woke either.

You could also go to for more outdoor gear and clothing. Look at their quote from their Core Values section of their web page:

We’re committed to being good stewards of the outdoors and wildlife habitats. Sportsman’s Warehouse supports the communities we serve by donating to local causes and partnering with wildlife and conservation groups like the Mule Deer FoundationNRANational Wild Turkey FederationRocky Mountain Elk Foundation, and Ducks Unlimited, among several others. Many of our employees are also contributing, active members of such groups, volunteering their own money and time for the causes we collectively cherish and believe in.

It sounds like to me they actually care about the environment, the 2nd amendment, and providing great products and service to their customers.

Lastly, you could go to a Mountain Warehouse store. They have over 300 locations all over the world or you can buy online. They have all kinds of outdoor equipment from skiing to hiking. If you look at their about page they are just focused on the customer. They don’t throw woke politics in your face.

Update: I recently ran across a new outdoor equipment and clothing company called GoWest. This company has everything for your outdoor needs. What is great about this company is they donate 10% of their profits to causes that support Western civilization. Imagine that! Your money goes towards preserving the amazing way of life given to us by God.

These are just three examples of non-woke outdoor gear places. I’m pretty confident there are tons more to choose from with a little research. It’s not hard to replace Woke Patagonia. They do nothing special, nor are special in any way, shape or form.


As I’ve demonstrated above, it doesn’t get much worse than Woke Patagonia. They appear to reject everything good and decent in this world. From wanting men in women’s bathrooms, to being against free speech, low taxes, energy independence, free and fair elections, and states’ right, Woke Patagonia has shown us they are out to destroy the America as we know it.

Fortunately, there are plenty of alternatives to Woke Patagonia. Try out Cabela’s, Bass Pro Shops, and Mountain Warehouse for your outdoor gear and clothing needs. All 4 of those places are dedicated to providing for their customers and being good stewards of the environment without the annoying woke politics.

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