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The Woke NFL, the National Football League, is America’s most watched sports league. Every year their crown jewel event is the Super Bowl which brings in anywhere from 90 to 110 million viewers. In 2018, the league brought in about 16 billion in revenue. It has also been estimated that 32 franchises that comprise the league are worth 91 billion dollars.

During the 90’s and 00’s, the Woke NFL used to be my favorite sporting league to watch. I watched on Sunday, Monday, and Thursday. I probaby averaged watching 6 games a week. It was a great fast-paced league that featured grid-iron warriors battling it out every week.

Unfortunately, the Woke NFL has gone full woke and are no longer focused on providing entertainment for its fans. As you will read below, the Woke NFL is more focused on changing America for the worse.

The 2021 season begins tomorrow so we deliver you a woke report on the Woke NFL to hopefully get you to stop supporting this anti-American company.

Woke Offenses

  • Supports Marxism
  • Supports Racism
  • Pushes LGBTQ+ Agenda

Supports Marxism

During the BLM riots, the Woke NFL jumped on board supporting this Marxist organization they helped create by letting their employees kneel during our national anthem. A show of great disrespect from players who make millions of dollars BECAUSE of America and its wonderful system of governance these people are now trying to destroy.

The Woke NFL immediately committed 250 million dollars to “combat systemic racism.” This is a current favorite tag line among the current batch of Marxists that plague America. I have no doubt this money will make it into the hands of BLM and other organizations that seek to destroy American.

In its statement, the Woke NFL said they will allocate funds that will, “support the battle against the ongoing and historic injustices faced by African-Americans.”

First of all, there is no such thing as battling a historic injustice because it’s already happened and gone. How are they going to battle slavery from the 1800’s?

Secondly, what injustices are they talking about? Are they talking about how black people get preferential treatment at universities over other races? Are they talking about how black people get preferential treatment at an increasing number of big corporations?

The main injustice black people face today is a good majority of black children don’t have fathers. If the Woke NFL supported organizations to encourage fathers to stick around and raise their kids they would have the most impact on black people possible and it’s something most Americans would get behind. It’s too bad the Woke NFL decides to go the route of supporting Marixst that destroy our country.

In 2020, some Woke NFL teams proudly flew the Black Lives Matter flag right next to the American flag. Nothing like giving Marxists legitimacy to millions of people going/viewing games. This would be akin to putting up a Nazi flag up at the stadium. Both Nazism and Marxism have the same ending and it’s always human misery.

Supports Racism

This coming 2021 season, the Woke NFL plans to incorporate the so called, “black national anthem” into its game presentations. That is about as racist as it gets. Now anthems are just for a certain color of person? What would happen if they did a “white nation anthem?” I bet they would call that racist and rightfully so.

Next, the Woke NFL plans to incorporate decals on player uniforms and fields. These messages will be nods to violent criminals like George Floyd who died by swallowing a bag of fentanyl. Other messages like, “Stop racism” will be displayed which implies that whites are the only ones who are racist. Make no mistake, this is a direct attack on white people. Yet another shameful racist action by the Woke NFL.

While we are at it, the Woke NFL is all about equality in the work place and schools. Right? Well, if they truly wanted equality then they would lead by example. Currently the Woke NFL is comprised of 70% black players. Considering that America is only about 12% of black people this 70% number is way out of line with equality.

Woke NFL racist inequality among its players.

Pushes LGBTQ+ Agenda

After 2020 and all the Woke NFL’s racist, anti-American, Marxist behavior, they needed a new target of depravity. Enter 2021, now, as the Woke NFL puts it, “football is gay.” They also say it’s, “lesbian, transgender, queer and bi-sexual.” Here is the YouTube link for the gay Woke NFL commercial.

Also, the Woke NFL donated 100 thousand dollars to the Trevor Project which is a “charity” for confused, troubled gay teens. I guess other troubled teens are of no importance to the Woke NFL.


This is obviously going to take some behavior change to find a true alternative. There is nothing exactly like the Woke NFL in terms of sports. They do possess the best collection of athletes on the planet.

The good news is that if you like violent sports like the Woke NFL, you have a great alternative in the UFC. The UFC is a very well run fighting organization that boasts the best fighters from around the world. They compete almost every single week year round.

The UFC is also not woke in any sense of the word. Often their fighters praise God, police officers, firefighters. Some are even police officers and firefighters for their day job. And best of all, they don’t have contempt for the fans. The vast majority of them are grateful. Check out the below video for some of the top finishes for the first half of just 2021. I promise you’ll be impressed.

Another alternative to the Woke NFL is college football. Now I don’t mean college football in the sense of the big boy programs like Alabama, Notre Dame, etc. What I mean is start following a team like Army or a conference like the Mountain West. It’s pretty decent football by a bunch of guys that are just playing for the love of the game and not a future Woke NFL contract. This is what I’ve done. I thoroughly enjoy watching the smaller schools compete. Last week I enjoyed a triple overtime game between UNLV and Eastern Washington. They capture the essence of sport more purely than the big programs. Give it a try.


The Woke NFL used to be the top sport for myself and a lot of other people in America. However, I can no longer support them because of their woke politics. They readily support Marxism through organizations such as Black Lives Matter. They also have a lot of racist policies against white people. Most recently they have now dove headfirst into the depraved world of LGBTQ+ and push their agenda.

Fortunately, there are a few alternatives to the NFL that should satisfy your appetite for violent sporting events. First, the UFC is the most spectacular action of sporting events that I’ve seen and it runs year round with an event or more almost every single week! Secondly, try to watch smaller college football schools to relive what it used to be like when the athletes focused on playing the sport they love rather than focusing on social justice initiatives that divide people rather than bring them together.

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