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Woke Mars, maker of Twix, ad depicting witch teaching little boy to dress like a girl.


Woke Mars is a giant food manufacturer with a specialty in candy. They were founded 110 years ago in 1911. The company pulls in about 40 billion a year in sales and has about 130,000 employees.

Woke Mars makes candy such as Twix, Milky Way, M&Ms, Snickers, and 3 Musketeers. They also own the Wrigley Company which specializes in gum and breath mints. Altoids, Juicy Fruit, Life Savers, Orbit, Skittles are some of the gums/mints they make.

In addition to candy and gum, Woke Mars makes pet food. Some of the pet foods they make are Pedigree, Iams, Greenies, and Whiskas.For a full list of the products Woke Mars makes visit here.

Woke Offenses

  • Anti-White person
  • Political Correct Nonsense
  • Pushes LGBTQ+ Agenda

Anti-White Person

Anti-White Website

First, Woke Mars does not believe in hiring and advancing on merit. They believe in hiring and advancing based on discriminating against white males.

From their own website they state, “Increasing racial minority representation among our management population in our Mars CPG businesses in the U.S. by 40%. We will also promote expanded opportunities for all racial minorities across our total workforce.” This means some white males will be passed up for promotions and hiring based solely on their skin color.

Furthermore, Woke Mars says on their own website that they also discriminate based on gender. They state, “Gender Balance: We aspire to achieve gender balance across 100% of our leadership teams.” This means that some white males will be passed up for hiring and promotions because they were born with a penis.

Child Slave Labor

Meanwhile, Woke Mars has no problem using slave labor of black children to help make their candy. In 2019, they announced that they could not guarantee that their chocolate products were free from child slave labor.

Additionally, this year in 2021, Woke Mars was named in a class action lawsuit by eight former child slaves in the Ivory Coast for their role in this slave labor. This triggers two thoughts for me. 1. Woke Mars are among the most evil companies in the world for literally using child slaves to do their work. 2. The fact these children are forced into slavery by other black people shatters the narrative that white people are the only oppressors that have ever existed. In fact, black people have forced into slavery for a long time and CONTINUE to do it to this day.

I cannot even entertain the idea of buying any product by Woke Mars because of their continual use of children that are forced into slavery. It’s hard to imagine the horrors they go through on a day to day basis.

Political Correct Nonsense

Woke Mars thinks black men in bow ties is racist

At the end of 2020, after convicted violent felon George Floyd died of a drug overdose, Woke Mars thought it would be a good idea to change the name of their Uncle Ben’s rice product. They now call it, “Ben’s Original” and got rid of the respectable looking man as the logo.

Evidently, Woke Mars thinks that a black man dressed in a bow tie is racist. I think most people think that it looks highly respectable. They must also think uncles are racist. I know there are millions of people in the world who have an uncle named, “Ben.” I guess they are all racist. This is totally lunacy.

Pushes LGBTQ+ Agenda

Woke Mars, maker of Twix, pushes LGBTQ+ Agenda

Perhaps Woke Mars’ most egregious woke offenses is they push transgenderism onto little children. We already know they have no problem using child slaves to make their product. Apparently, they think it’s OK to push little boys to turn into little girls through witch craft.

Above you can view the commercial Woke Mars’ product Twix made promoting transgenderism in children. First, it shows a witch coming over to the boy’s house and encouraging him to wear girl’s clothing. Then when he’s made fun of by another little boy, the witch uses super natural powers to blow the little boy away with a wind gust.

Above all, Woke Mars believes it’s OK to push violence on children who have a difference of opinion from another child who is doing something that is an abomination before God. However, they have no problem with child slave labor.


Candy Alternatives

First, I suggest not eating candy like what Woke Mars makes. Above all, it’s very bad for you and helps contribute to the diabetes, heart disease, and cancer epidemic we see in the United States. However, eating dark chocolate shows to have some good health benefits. So, for dark chocolate bars you are going to want to keep it around 70% or higher. Here is a list of some great dark chocolate bars that are a perfect substitute for the garbage Woke Mars makes.

Gum/Breath mint alternatives

For breath mints or gum try Therabreath’s products. Most importantly, they feature no sugar in their products. Sugar actually promotes bad breathe and it’s in many of the gums and mints Woke Mars makes.

Another good alternative for mints and gum is Peppersmith products. Like Therabreath, their products have no sugar. They are also vegan friendly. This company is in the UK so it’s for European customers. However, you can still buy the products in the US.

Pet Food Alternatives

One of the healthiest alternatives you can pick for your pets is the Wellness pet food brand. Furthermore, Dog Food Advisor names them as the healthiest dry dog food. They sell food for dogs and cats.

Another great healthy alternative is Nature’s Logic. Nature’s Logic is based out of Nebraska. They focus on making pet food, not politics.

Also, you can give your pets human food as long as it’s not bad for them. For example, I feed my dogs carrots, celery, chicken, salmon, blueberries, etc. all the time. It makes for a healthy alternative to dog food.


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