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Woke Lowes is a broken down woke hardware store


Founded in 1921 in North Carolina, Woke Lowes is a giant hardware store company with over 2,000 locations in North America. They had about 72 billion in revenue last year with 6 billion in net income. It is the second largest hardware company in the United States behind Woke Home Depot.

Somewhere around 2019, Woke Lowes stopped focusing on hardware and started focusing on wokeism instead. It started turning its back on what made it successful. And so the decline of a once great American company begins.

Woke Offenses

  • Pushes LGBTQ+ Agenda/Against Christianity
  • Supports Racism

Pushes LGBTQ+ Agenda/Against Christianity

Woke Lowes thinks Christianity accepts the LGBTQ+ Agenda

Against Christianity

In 2019, a Woke Lowes shopper snapped the picture above of a gay pride Christmas tree. Let me be clear. The LORD makes it very clear in the Bible that homosexuality is something the LORD does NOT like.

For example, in Genesis Chapter 19, Lot houses two angels that appear as men. The entire male population of Sodom came to the house where the two angels were and demanded that Lot bring them out so they could have sex with them. Lot even offers up his two virgin daughters, but the men of Sodom did not want that. The LORD, so disgusted by the actions of these homosexual men, destroys the entire city.

So why would Woke Lowes glorify something the LORD despises so much that he would destroy cities for? The answer is either they are against Christians or don’t believe in the LORD. Do you really want to give money to an organization that despises the LORD so much? I do not.

There are also many more places in the Bible that denounce homosexuality. You can read a lengthy list of chapters and verses against homosexuality here.

Jude 7

And don’t forget Sodom and Gomorrah and their neighboring towns, which were filled with immorality

and every kind of sexual perversion. Those cities were destroyed by fire and serve as a warning of the

eternal fire of God’s judgment.

Pushes LGBTQ+ Agenda

Also, Woke Lowes was against the bathroom bill in North Carolina that said men had to go to the bathroom in men’s bathrooms and women had to go to bathroom in the women’s bathrooms. That seems like common sense to me, but not to Lowes. They think it’s OK for a 40 year old man to expose himself to an eight year old girl. Here is a list of all the companies for and against the bill. Woke Lowes is on the “against” part of the list.

Notice on the list that all the companies on the “against” list are big corporations and all on the “for” list are small companies. That should be another reminder, as a general rule of thumb, that you should always support small business over large business when possible.

Supports Racism

In late 2020, Woke Lowes showed it is for racism against white people by supporting a critical race workshop for its workers. The workshop specifically calls for the workers to get “woke at work” and “cede power to people of color.”

I don’t know about you, but I’m not ceding a thing solely based on the color of my skin, nor should anyone of any color do the same. If a black person wants to outwork me and/or outsmart me to gain the position of power over me then they are more than welcome to try. However, I am allowed to do the same. That is true equality. Let the best person win.

The workshop materials go on to say that people of color cannot be racist. This is absolute hogwash. There have been a rash of black on white hate crimes recently. Here is an example. Here is a good op-ed on the prevalence of black on white hate crime that the media ignores.

Woke Lowes also gives generously to black only organizations. During the riots in honor of convicted violent felon, George Flloyd, they gave 25 million to black only businesses. So do white people have to start burning down Woke Lowes’ stores in order for them to give money to white people? Is that the precedent they are setting?


Fortunately, there are plenty of alternatives to Woke Lowes. They sell every day items that anyone can make. They do nothing special.

First, you can go to Mendards. They are a hardware company based in Wisconsin with locations all in the Midwest. Menards has all your home project needs and you can order from them online and shipped to you if you don’t have a physical store near where you live.

Secondly, Ace Hardware is a good choice. They win the J.D. Power award for “Highest Customer Satisfaction” all the time. This is the one I go to for my hardware needs. This company has been around for almost 100 years and has over 5,200 locations. There is likely one near you throughout the world. If there isn’t one in your neighborhood, you can order online and have them ship. One caveat, don’t use this company if you are in Canada. Woke Lowes manages their brand there.

Lastly, you can always find a local hardware store in your area. They are likely not woke. Between Ace, Menards, and a local store it’s pretty easy to fulfill all your hardware needs.


Woke Lowes has gone full woke for the last couple of years. They support racism against white people through CRT workshops, they are against Christians by selling pride Christmas trees, and they push the LGBTQ+ agenda by thinking it’s OK for 40 year old men to expose themselves to little girls.

There are two main companies that you can go to for your hardware needs as alternates to Woke Lowes. Menards and Ace Hardware are both great companies that are likely in your neighborhood. If they are not in your neighborhood then you can order from them online.


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3 replies on “Woke Lowes”

I agree….Lowes is now WAY too “woke” for me – Going to use Home Depot from now on. Staff is now plain openly rude to “non diverse” customers. Went into my local Lowes (Columbia MD) for an infrared grill and a dehumidifier. I was so nonplussed with rude and or indifferent staff that I went went to Home Depot….Where I got better service and actually spent less.

Keep an eye on Home Depot. They are walking a fine line themselves. They are quickly becoming more and more woke. This is why I didn’t include them as an alternative. I’d much rather use Ace Hardware.

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