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Don’t use the rotten Woke Kroger for your food needs.


Founded in 1883, Woke Kroger is the biggest supermarket company in the United States with an annual revenue of about 120 billion. They are the 23rd biggest company in the United States and only behind Walmart as biggest general retailer. In addition to their own Kroger name brand grocery stores, they also own Fred Meyer, QFC, Dillons, Frys, Ralphs, and Smiths. For a complete list click here.

Unfortunately, Woke Kroger is one of the wokest companies in the entire country no matter the sector. I had no idea they were this woke until a reader pointed it out to me and I did a little research. They are so bad, I would not be surprised if they had an abortion clinic in their stores.

Woke Offenses

  • Pushes LGBTQ+ Agenda
  • Against The Second Amendment
  • Against Body Autonomy

Pushes LGBTQ+ Agenda

Forced LGBTQ+ Attire

In 2019, Woke Kroger forced its workers to wear uniforms with the gay pride rainbow on it. When two employees refused to wear this gay pride attire they were fired. Like a lot of God-fearing people, these employees hold sincere religious beliefs that homosexuality is a sin. Woke Kroger punished them because they are Christians. This woke offense is enough for me to never spend one dime with Woke Kroger ever again.

LGBTQ+ Training

Woke Kroger also has LGBTQ+ training for their employees that not only tells them to be respectful of LGBTQ+ people, but be advocates for their lifestyle while bashing the Christian belief. The program is called, “Allyship.”

The Allyship program includes definitions of cisgender, queer, pansexual, intersex, transgender, non-binary and a few others. What in the world does this have to do with selling people groceries?

It then goes on to deny basic gender biology that people are either a male or female. Woke Kroger is asking their employees to suspend reality to make up some new genders.

Next, the employees get a course on “Inclusive Language Examples.” See below:

Woke Kroger Inclusion Examples.

I’m sorry, but if you get offended by, “Yes, sir” or “Hey guys” you are mentally ill. There is no need for the vast majority of us to cater to the few mentally ill people out there.

The training then goes onto to insinuate that Christians are the bad guys with this quote, “Some people’s morality can be a barrier to accepting LGBTQ+ people.” There is a lot more to this demonic training and if you want to view the entire slide show you can view it here.

Against the Second Amendment

In March of 2018, Woke Kroger made the decision to stop selling magazines with so called “assault rifles” in them. I doubt the demons at Woke Kroger even know what a true assault rifle consists of. They just see a long gun and assume it’s an “assault” rifle.

Secondly, Woke Kroger also announced they would stop selling guns to anyone under 21 at any stores owned by their corporation, namely Fred Meyer. There is nothing wrong with an 18 year old buying a gun legally. In fact, you should want that. A healthy respect of guns is what we need more of in this country. I bought my first rifle when I was 18 years old and had tons of fun target shooting with it in the woods.

Against Body Autonomy

This year Texas governor, Greg Abbot, banned mask mandates in any company in Texas. How did Woke Kroger respond to that? This was their statement, “To ensure the continued safety of our customers and associates, The Kroger Family of Companies will continue to require everyone in our stores across the country to wear masks until all our frontline grocery associates can receive the COVID-19 vaccine.”

Not only did they stupidly have a mask mandate, which has no science backing that they work against Covid-19, but they also defied the governor’s order just so they could virtue signal to their demonic minions.

They also coerced their underpaid employees with 55 million dollars in incentives to get the jab. The told their employees they’d give them 100 dollars to get the jab. To a lot of people that are underpaid at Woke Kroger this 100 dollars is a real bonus to them. All they have to do is give up their health to do so. Sickening.

UPDATE: Check out this Gab from a board certified doctor that tried to prescribe Ivermectin to treat Covid-19. Apparently Kroger would rather you die than get Ivermectin.


Fortunately, there are a lot of alternatives to Woke Kroger stores. First, is the Albertsons company chain of stores. This includes stores such as Safeway, Haggen, Acme, Shaws, Tom Thumb and Vons. Albertsons is a pretty neutral company that focuses on selling groceries.

Secondly, I have heard a lot of good things about Publix. They are located mainly in the South. I can tell they are a good chain because they get attacked by left wing dingbats for giving to Republicans.

Lastly, a farmer’s market is a great place to get a lot of your food. The food is generally organic and way healthier for you than what you may find at a grocery store. Plus you will be helping out a local farmer. We need to do more of this and stop giving our hard earned dollars to huge corporations that seek to destroy us at every turn.


Woke Kroger is the biggest grocer in the United States and also is the biggest grocer that seeks to destroy the Christian values we’ve all come to love. They push the demonic LGBTQ+ agenda with great fervor, are against the second amendment, and are against body autonomy.

Woke Kroger’s alternatives are any Albertsons brand company such as Vons, Safeway, or Acme, Publix grocer, and your local farmer’s markets. I think most of these stores will exist in most of your neighborhoods so it shouldn’t be a problem avoiding a Woke Kroger store.


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2 replies on “Woke Kroger”

Nice job with providing clear and detailed information on these companies. Your articles are easy and enjoyable to read. I have been trying to shop as little as possible at Kroger ever since last year when they seemed to go rabidly in-your-face woke with advertisements and in-store “celebrating diversity” days. What in the hell does a transgender cashier being celebrated for being mentally ill have to do with Kroger ensuring me that I’ll get a better experience at their store? How does that enhance my shopping experience? The store manager couldn’t answer that question for me.

Thank you for the kinds words. Your point is right. It has nothing to do with providing us with a better experience shopping at a grocery store. They are banking on the fact that they’ll attract the LGBTQ+ crowd to shop at their stores and they think the Christian crowd will still come. They might be right, but it’s the duty of Christians not to shop at stores that support this kind of evil and to expose them. “And have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness, but rather reprove them.” – Ephesians 5:11

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