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JP Morgan Chase is a massive financial services company that has consumer and investment banking and asset management. They are worth almost 500 billion dollars at the time of writing. In 2020, they had revenue of 120 billion dollars and a net income of 29 billion. They are rolling in money hand over fist. Unfortunately, like a dirty pig, they are also rolling in the manure pile that is woke-ism.

Woke Offenses

  • Against free and fair elections
  • Against freedom of the press
  • Believes in racism against white people
  • Supports Marxism

Against free and fair elections

Back in March of 2021, Georgia passed an election integrity law that would make it mandatory for you to show your ID to vote. This doesn’t seem unreasonable when you already have to have an ID to buy liquor, cigarettes, to fly, or pretty much anything in our society. However, the CEO of JP Morgan Chase, Jamie Dimon, thinks that carding people to vote is unreasonable. Dimon was quoted as saying, “Voting is fundamental to the health and future of our democracy. JPMorgan Chase employees span the United States and as state capitals debate election laws, we believe voting must be accessible and equitable.” So apparently he doesn’t think it’s accessible if you are required to have an ID. He thinks this election integrity law is akin to Jim Crow laws. Does he think black people are too stupid to get an ID? 

The bottom line, of course, is that requiring an ID to vote should not be a recommendation to vote, but it should be a requirement everywhere. Especially after we saw the funny business of the 2020 election where Donald Trump very likely won the presidency only to have it stolen away by massive fraud.

Against freedom of the press

JP Morgan Chase is also against the press’s right to interview whomever they want. In 2017, JP Morgan Chase pulled its ads for the Megyn Kelly show because she interviewed Alex Jones. For those of you who don’t know, Alex Jones is a Christian political pundit that, at times, spouts off conspiracy theories such as Sandy Hook was an inside job. He has never done anything against the law or violent that we are aware of. His crime to the leadership of JP Morgan Chase is that he speaks his mind.

I wonder. Did or would JP Morgan Chase pull ads from 60 Minutes? After all, they’ve interview terrorists like Yasser Arafat or Timothy McVeigh that have actually killed many people. 60 Minutes also interviewed pedophile rapist, Roman Polanski. The worst of the worst.

Of course, I believe JP Morgan Chase wouldn’t pull ads from shows that have interviewed these types of people because they identify with these people. They do not identify with Christians and therefore want to destroy them and send a warning to all others who would dare to interview them that it won’t be tolerated.

Believes in racism towards white people

Racism as defined by Lexico is “Prejudice, discrimination, or antagonism by an individual, community, or institution against a person or people on the basis of their membership in a particular racial or ethnic group, typically one that is a minority or marginalized.” This definition fits what JP Morgan Chase adheres to.

First, they support This is a group that pushes only hiring, training, and advancing black people. That’s it. If you are white you are not only not going to get any help, they are going to advance a black person over you just because the color of their skin. Meritocracy be damned, if you are black, they are going to advance you. This is racist toward white people and should be insulting to black people who actually earned their advancement.

Secondly, JP Morgan Chase has pledged 30 billion over the next 5 years to give mortgages/loans to black and Latin people who wouldn’t normally qualify for loans, building houses for black people, and to support “civil rights efforts.” We can only guess what civil rights efforts they are going to support, but I would guess they’ll be giving money to Marxist organizations like BLM. Again, JP Morgan Chase is only concerned with the color of one’s skin when deciding who they will give loans to. If you are white, you are held to a higher standard according to JP Morgan Chase. Again, this should be very insulting to black people. The think you aren’t responsible enough to get a loan. They think less of you than white people. It’s sickening.

Supports Marxism

Of course, any super liberal institution woke offenses wouldn’t be complete without supporting Marxism. Here is the CEO of JP Morgan Chase getting on his knee bowing to the BLM Marxists. He’s the one right in the middle of the picture below.

CEO of JP Morgan Chase bowing to the BLM Marxists

Instead of showing subservience to a Marxist organization why don’t you train your own people not to be racists against black people? Back in 2019, JP Morgan Chase employees were caught on tape intimidating and disparaging black clients. Check out what one of their execs said:

“You’ve got somebody who’s coming from Section 8, never had a nickel to spend, and now she’s got $400,000,” Frank Venniro, who worked as a JPMorgan Chase executive director in the Phoenix area, said on the clip. “What do you think’s going to happen with that money? It’s gone.”

Here is a black lady who came to them for help in managing a large sum of money and this is how they are treated. Oh by the way, this woman had just lost her son too.


This one is kind of tricky. There really isn’t going to be the same solution for everyone because all of the big banks are all woke. You are going to be hard pressed to find any publicly traded company that isn’t woke. Instead I have two different recommendations.

First, research a credit union in your area. As an example, look at this credit union in Nevada. It appears they aren’t woke and just care about helping their community do banking while giving to real charities. A look at their charitable giving reveals organizations like Boys and Girls club and Make a Wish Foundation. I would just research who they give to and look for any other obvious signs on their web page.

Secondly, you could also go to a small bank like Northpointe. I have used this bank in the past and there is nothing woke about it. They do what all banks should do and focus on banking. A quick scan of their Facebook and Twitter accounts over the last year reveal nothing woke. They aren’t telling you to get a vaccine or donate to BLM. Even though the bank is located in Michigan you can still use ATM’s in the US wherever you are for no fee.


JP Morgan is one of the most woke banks on the face of the earth. You couldn’t do any worse than them. In fact, they are on the American Conservative Values Fund’s list of worst offending companies and their ETF boycotts investing in them.

They are against free and fair elections by speaking out against voter ID laws. They have racist anti-white policies that single out white people simply for the color of their skin. They also support Marxist organizations.

Fortunately, there are non-woke banks we can go to and not have our money go to woke causes. The secret lies in going to a local credit union or finding a small bank like Northpointe. These banks tend to focus on banking and not woke policies designed to destroy the United States.

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