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Sink Woke Gap and subsidiary Old Navy as your cloth supplier


Woke Gap is a San Francisco-based clothing brand company that was started in 1969. They have around 3,600 stores worldwide. They sell clothes under the Gap, Old Navy, Banana Republic, Intermix, Hill City, and Athleta brand names.

Woke Gap boasts over 100 thousand employees and pull in over 16 billion dollars a year in revenue. They have a long history of using child slave labor in making their clothes. They have also gone full woke and we cannot recommend spending one penny on their stores.

Woke Offenses

  • Supports Illegal Immigration/Racism Against Whites
  • Encourages Slothful behavior
  • Supports Marxism

Supports Illegal Immigration/Racism Against Whites

On Woke Gap’s own website under the careers page, they state, “Calling all dreamers.” Of course, we all know “dreamers” is the democrat code for, “illegal alien.” This code word was made up the the Obama administration, other democrats, and RINOs when they introduced a bill to give illegal immigrants legal status in the US.

Next, Woke Gap has all the bs code words for being racist against white people. Again, from their careers page on their website they say, “Inclusive, By Design.” Inclusive is another way to say they are going to hire people just because of their skin color, as long as it’s dark.

The question I have for Woke Gap and other woke companies is: “Shouldn’t it just be assumed that you would hire a person based on their merit and not discriminate based on their color or sexual preference?” Woke Gap seems to be suggesting that before they would not hire people because of their skin color by now announcing that they are hiring people with dark skin color.

Project WE

Woke Gap, through their Old Navy brand, started a program named, “Project WE.” This project featured graphic tees designed by “diverse” artists, which means non-white. These tees celebrated things like Juneteenth, Black History Month, International Women’s Day, among other racist holidays.

Encourages Slothful Behavior

Woke Gap glorifies the sloth

The above picture is the ad from the main page of Woke Gap advertising their Bodequality line of clothes. Notice that almost all the women are fat in the picture. I get that most of America is slothful and Woke Gap is trying to sell clothes to them, but this should not be encouraged.

Being slothful is very bad for your health and should be discouraged at all times. We should encourage people to live a healthier lifestyle so they don’t have to go to the hospital and/or die prematurely.

From a biblical perspective, you can read this page as to why being a sloth is definitely not the way you should live. Woke Gap should not endorse this dangerous lifestyle.


As a side note, I got some push back from people saying I shouldn’t include this section for Woke Gap because it is making fun of fat people. It is not my intention to make fat people feel bad. I used to be obese myself, but at no point in my life did I think that was OK.

I always thought I should have been healthier and now I have taken the steps to make this a reality now by losing 90 pounds and getting down to a healthy weight. It doesn’t really take that long if you know what to do.

If you want to lose weight, get healthier, and not worry about diseases like cancer, I highly recommend reading “How Not To Die” by Michael Greger MD. I am living proof that if you follow the advice in this book you will achieve significant weight loss and become healthy very quickly.

Supports Marxism

Lastly, Woke Gap proudly wrote on their Twitter page, “A Time For Action” and then donated 250,000 dollars to far left Marxist organizations NAACP and Embrace Race. Both organizations are very anti-white person. Just look at Embrace Race’s web page to see that. They complain about “white nationalism” and hate crimes against Muslims, Asians, black, and brown people yet make no mention of the exponential rise of hate crimes perpetrated against white people. They state the following:

In order to create a manageable and useful set of resources for you, here we consider “racialized violence” only its overt forms, including but not limited to widespread police brutality against Black, Brown and Native communities, White nationalism and hate crimes, and verbal and physical assaults against Muslim Americans and Asian Americans.

There is no widespread police brutality against non-white people if you actually look at the stats. This lie has been pushed by our media and government. You can read this report that dispels a lot of the myths surrounding this narrative.


Fortunately, there are tons of alternatives to Woke Gap and it’s brands. After all, they make clothes, which anyone can do. I’ll outline a few different options to consider. However, keep in mind there are thousands of more options that you can look for yourself.

First, I buy some of my t-shirts from a favorite TV show or other interest. For example, I am wearing a shirt right now for The Chosen TV series. This is a great way to support non-woke interests while clothing yourself. I have also bought t-shirts from to help support them.

Secondly, buy some clothes from Ross Dress For Less. Not only will you save some money, but the clothes are pretty decent. With over 1,800 stores in the US in 40 states, there is probably a Ross in your neck of the woods.

Lastly, if you want to buy online, go to They have tons of perfectly fine used clothing at a discounted rate. Their big thing is to reduce landfill waste. That’s a noble goal. They have every type of clothing for your needs.


Woke Gap is a clothing giant in the United States. They have Gap Inc., Old Navy, Banana Republic, etc. as their brand names. They support illegal immigration, racism against white people, slothful behavior, and Marxism.

Alternatives to the Woke Gap brands are thousands of local clothing companies that you can research for yourself. In addition to local clothing companies you can try to buy clothing from something you support like a non-woke organization or TV show. Next, you can buy from Ross Dress For Less or ThredUp. There are a ton of alternatives out there.


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