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Woke Fox News is a giant in the cable news business. It was started by Australian-American Rupert Murdoch back in 1996. It has been the number one cable news station in the US for many years in a row.

Woke Fox News features many popular personalities among conservatives such as Tucker Carlson, Sean Hannity and Laura Ingram. Bill O’Reilly was also one of their biggest stars in the past. It markets itself as, “fair and balanced,” as opposed to far left wing cable news outlets CNN and MSNBC. However, as you read on, you will see it is anything but fair and balanced. Rather it’s gone woke ramping up last year with the 2020 political season.

Woke Offenses

  • Election interference
  • Against Body Autonomy
  • Against Conservatives

Election Interference

On November 3rd, 2020 is when a lot of conservatives woke up to the fact that Woke Fox News was no longer on their side. Of course, November 3rd, 2020 was election night in the US. What transpired was truly devious by Woke Fox News.

In the months leading up to the 2020 Presidential election, I became suspicious of Woke Fox News because they kept hiring and promoting the far left political “analysts” to talk about the election. I remember seeing left wing hack, Donna Brazille, “analyzing” the election from her home all the while having Biden campaign paraphernalia prominently displayed in the background. I though to myself, “shouldn’t an analyst be impartial?”

This is the moment I realized that Woke Fox News had gone woke. They no longer cared about analysis of the election, but rather just promoting liberal candidates openly. Sure personalities like Sean Hannity openly support Republicans, but this is why conservative viewers tune into Woke Fox News. They want to see what is going on with their favorite candidates. Why would Woke Fox News start pushing liberal candidates all of a sudden?

Well, we got our answer. On election night BEFORE the polls closed in Arizona, Woke Fox News called the state for Joe Biden. Not only was this too early to call the state for Joe Biden, he very likely lost the state in reality when you factor in all the fraud that the Arizona audit exposed. Woke Fox News did their part in suppressing the vote and interfering with the election of the President of the United States. They also refused to cover any claims of fraud in the election. This put them in lockstep with the rest of the woke media.

Against Body Autonomy

Next, sometime in July, Woke Fox News implemented a mandatory jab for its workers or a weekly health screening. They were one of the first companies to implement this immoral and unethical mandate.

What makes this even worse is they have on air personalities like Tucker Carlson who rail against the very idea of jab mandates. He likened them to Jim Crow laws. If Tucker Carlson felt so strongly against jab mandates then why is he still working for Woke Fox News? He could just as easily go off and start his own online service like Glenn Beck or create a popular podcast. The hypocrisy is glaring from Woke Fox News’ biggest star.

Against Conservatives

Lastly, Woke Fox News is constantly running stories that attack conservatives or conservative values. For example, when Major League Baseball moved its all-star game from majority black Atlanta to majority white Denver because they don’t believe in voter ID, Woke Fox News became silent. I would think if your station catered to conservatives that would be a major story. I guess it isn’t according to Woke Fox News.

Next, on September 22nd, 2021, Woke Fox News joined in with the liberal media to smear the Brazilian president Jair Bolsonaro. What was his crime? He ate a slice of pizza on a New York sidewalk. They go on to have a Marxist New York councilman on to smear Bolsonaro even more.

Lastly, you would think Woke Fox News would support a conservative candidate that is banned on every major social media network. Florida US District 21 had Laura Loomer win her Republican primary in 2020 for the seat all the while being banned from all big tech sites. You would think this would be a HUGE story on Woke Fox News. Especially on a show like Tucker Carlson.

Well, you would be wrong. In this Gab post from Laura Loomer she claims that she texted Tucker several times informing him of her campaign’s progress. She was also endorsed by Donald Trump and even outperformed him in District 21. Instead, Tucker says you can’t win office if you are de-platformed. Well, Tucker, if you had some courage you would help candidates like that out so they could win, but you don’t. Whether it is because Woke Fox News told Tucker not to put them on or you are woke too is anybody’s guess.


Epoch Times Newspaper Insert for Independence Day

The Epoch Times

Fortunately, we have plenty of places to get non-woke news. First and foremost, I want to recommend The Epoch Times. This news organization tries very hard to report the facts only. The subscribers support Epoch, not advertisers so the pressure to misreport is less. I’ve subscribed to their newspaper for over a year now. The above image is the type of thing you will see in their newspaper. That is my own personal insert from a paper that came out during Independence Day week. They also have a Gab share button on all their articles because they believe in free speech.

The Epoch Times also has Epoch TV with some fantastic shows reporting the news. This comes free with a subscription to The Epoch Times. It’s a fantastic deal. American Thought Leaders is my favorite show and I watch it every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. They also have many documentaries on things from the constitution to the evils of communism.

Epoch also has a fantastic monthly magazine called, “American Essence.” It is chalk full of articles on normal Americans trying to live their lives with liberty. The magazine is over 100 pages of stories and beautiful images with no advertising in the pages!

The Epoch Times started out in China so they know what tyranny looks like. The CCP constantly attacks them both physically and through smears, even in America. Check out more about their story here.

You may think The Epoch Times is paying me to endorse them because of how much I’m writing about them, but you’d be wrong. I am in no way affiliated with them, although I would like to be. I feel strongly about this organization and their mission to deliver news that isn’t influenced by an advertisers’ agenda. These are the companies we need to support in a parallel economy.


I know it’s kind of funny to recommend a social media site as an alternative to Woke Fox News, but hear me out. is a place where you will find the free flow of information. The free flow of information always wins with informing the citizenry. Gab is one of the last places to find it on the internet.

Will you find some liars and bad news sources on Gab? Sure you will. However, it doesn’t take long to weed them out. For example, I caught Revolver News trying to trick people with one of its posts so I just pressed the block button. In the future, I may do an article of which news sources on Gab are reliable and which are not, if that’s something people are interested in.


There are some other TV stations you may want to get your news from like OAN, TheBlaze, Newsmax, America First, etc., but I would offer you a word of caution. All these stations have ads so the potential for bad reporting is there. I haven’t caught any of these stations doing anything too bad, but it’s worth keeping an eye out for. You can access their TV stations for free by going to


Woke Fox News leads the cable news race in the United States. However, over the last year they show that they are a woke company. They interfere in elections, do not believe in body autonomy, and push conservative people and causes to the side at an increasing rate. I know they still push some conservative values and people, but that is eroding more and more as we go along. Just like with America, the communist/marxist forces are slowly changing Woke Fox News.

My number one recommendation to replace Woke Fox News is The Epoch Times. Epoch provides a digital and physical paper, a magazine, and a streaming TV station that delivers factual stories.

Secondly, I highly recommend signing up on Nothing beats the free flow of information where everyone can speak freely. After a few months you will learn which people and organizations you can trust to deliver factual news. This is an invaluable service to humanity.

Lastly, you can give TV stations like TheBlaze, America First, OAN, and Newsmax a try on for free. Just be on the lookout for conflicts of interest when watching them. Advertisers support these stations and therefore they open themselves up to outside influence.


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