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Woke Ford is a huge American car manufacturer that started making cars in 1903. It was started by the industrious Henry Ford. Ford was the company that invented the first moving assembly line at their factory. To this day, the company is still owned by descendants of Henry Ford. Although, I would guess he would be embarrassed by how his descendants turned out.

Woke Ford also owns the Lincoln car brand and Motorcraft tool brand, as well. They are popular for their F-150 trucks. The company has roughly 186,000 employees. Their revenue last year was 127 billion dollars. However, even with all those sales, they ended up losing 1.279 billion dollars. It shows you how poorly they are run. I guess they are too focused on being woke rather than making a quality product.

Woke Offenses

  • Against body autonomy
  • Against free and fair elections
  • Pushes LGBTQ+ Agenda

Against Body Autonomy

Just a few days ago, Woke Ford announced that they will require all salaried employees to get jabbed with the dangerous and non-effective Covid-19 shot.

Woke Ford could have decided to be a leader in stopping this government overreach with regards to Covid, but they decided to fall in line with the tyrants in the federal government. They decided that their workers’ body autonomy was less important than selling a few cars to the federal government. They chose a quick buck over protecting God-given rights to their workers.

Furthermore, it’s interesting that they didn’t impose this mandate on Woke Ford’s union employees. Woke Ford didn’t have the cajones to go against the union. Hmm, maybe it’s time for salaried employees to unionize. It seems to be the only way to protect your individual liberties against the likes of woke companies like Woke Ford.

Against Free and Fair Elections

In 2021, Woke Ford came out against free and fair elections. They issued a statement to oppose the Georgia voting law that requires voters to show an ID before they vote.

For those who are unfamiliar with the Georgia voting law, it basically says that people must show an ID to vote. This seems pretty common sense to me and the vast majority of people.

However, Woke Ford said, “Government must avoid actions that reduce participation in elections – particularly among historically disenfranchised communities.” When Woke Ford says, “disenfranchised communities” they mean the black community. So I guess the bosses at Woke Ford think that black people are too stupid to get an ID and show it while voting. To me, it appears their racism really shines in that statement.

On the other hand, Woke Ford’s opposition is likely about something else. They likely oppose fair and free elections because their buddies have a much harder time getting elected. If their buddies aren’t elected then who will give them sweet deals from the government? However you look at it, it’s disgusting.

Pushes LGBTQ+ Agenda

Woke Ford is morally bankrupt.

A few months ago in September of 2021, Woke Ford released a very gay Raptor truck. As you can see from the embedded image above, it is more than clear that Woke Ford pushes the demonic LGBTQ+ agenda.

They also released a video of the gay truck that says, “Happy Pride. Celebrating Over 25 Years of LGBTQ+ Advocacy Across Europe.” It’s pretty clear what camp Woke For resides in. Woke Ford made this commercial because a Twitter user said that the blue color they chose for a truck in another commercial was “very gay.”


There are only a few alternatives to Woke Ford’s cars. Their cars aren’t that great so you aren’t going to be missing out on much by going with another type of car.

First, if you have the money, may I suggest buying a Tesla. Tesla is an American car manufacturing company that deals in electric cars. I know a few people that own them and they tell me it is a really nice car. I know that’s not an option for a lot of people as those cars can run in the 50,000 plus price range, but if you have that kind of dough then go for it.

Secondly, you could buy a Volvo. It’s a great car and I couldn’t find anything woke about them. However, like the Tesla, these cars are pretty expensive to buy and to own. So it’s just an option for people with a good paycheck.

Lastly, if you buy any other car than a Volvo or Tesla, buy a used car. Unfortunately, most of the car companies are woke. If you buy used, the woke car company has already made their money off the car so by buying a used version they aren’t going to make a cent off of it from your pocket. Just make sure you don’t buy it from one of their dealerships and don’t use their service garages. A good place to buy used cars is from rental car places. The rental car places service their cars on time to make sure they run well for their rental car business. I did that in the past and the car held up really well. You’ll get a good deal on price too.


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