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Dove body products should be dead to you.


Dove is a toiletries company, founded in 1957, that sells shampoo, body wash, deodorant, and lotions. They are owned by parent company Unilever who also owns products such as Ben & Jerry’s, Best Foods, and Lipton teas. Dove is worth around 4 billion for it’s line of toiletry products.

In 2019, Unilever CEO Alan Jope today warned that “woke-washing – brand campaigns promising to improve the world but failing to take real action – is undermining the advertising industry’s credibility and trust.” Translated, this really means they want to redefine what a real family consists of, which is a mother and father and children. They want to push the LBGTQ+ agenda.

Woke Offense

  • Pushing LGBTQ+ Agenda

Pushing LGBTQ+ Agenda

In recent years, Dove has pushed the LGBTQ+ agenda. In 2017 they released a commercial titled, Dove / #RealMoms. This commercial normalizes lesbians, transgenders, and single moms. All of which are detrimental to society. The transgender psychotics seem to keep denying that men can’t have babies unless there is some kind of doctor Frankenstein intervention. It’s basic biology. See ad below:

Dove / #RealMoms abomination ad.

Dove doesn’t just glorify gay women and transgender people. In this 2015 Father’s day ad, look at how they cleverly throw in a gay male couple into the middle of the ad. See below at 34 seconds into the ad:

Gay male Dove ad.

Once again, Dove is doing it’s best to destroy what a real family is supposed to be according to the Holy Bible.

In the 2020 Olympics Dove went so far as to encourage a man competing in women’s sports. They sent out a congratulatory tweet to Laurel Hubbard, who competed in weight lifting. Laurel is a man, but competes as a woman. Dove must really hate women to do this.


If you are sick and tired of giving money to companies that are out to destroy the traditional family, luckily for you, there are many alternatives to Dove toiletries. Below are a few for your consideration.

For the men, they can buy toiletry products from Duke Cannon. You can read about them here. In short, this company puts its charitable donations to veteran’s groups, not BLM or LGBTQ+ organizations. They have an assortment of shampoo, cologne, body wash, and face care products. They even have soaps made with real beer and bourbon. Now what guy is going to pass that up?!

For the women, they can go Amway. Amway is an organization founded by Christians that gives their money to conservatives causes such as Easterseals and US Dream Academy. Among the brands you’ll want to look up on Amway’s website are Artistry and Nutrilite. However, I think any of the brands on that side are going to be just fine. You know your money won’t be going to the LGBTQ+ agenda or to support Marxism.

For those of you who like to do things yourself you can visit DIYNatural. They have all kinds of recipes to make soap, shampoo, etc.

Update: Since writing this article I have come across two new soap companies on First, the Vibey Soap Company sells bar and liquid soaps that are all natural. Secondly, Dissident Soaps sells body wash, shampoo and deodorant. Bar soap will come in late 2021. Check out these two small non-woke businesses for your soap needs.


Dove company has proven time and time again they are there to push an anti-traditional family narrative and support the LGBTQ+ agenda to destroy the western nuclear family. The CEO of Dove’s parent company has also stated that any brand under the Unilever banner that isn’t woke has no place in his company.

Fortunately, there are companies out there that support conservative causes and don’t intend to destroy the traditional family. You can rest assured that buying from Duke Cannon and Amway your dollars won’t go towards woke causes. You can also check out two new soap businesses that I found on Gab in Vibey Soap Company and Dissident Soaps.

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