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The Woke Disney corporation is the world leader in theme parks and entertainment. They are the ones who created Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Goofy and a whole list of other iconic characters. More recently they made the Marvel movies, the newer Star Wars movies, and most of the Pixar movies. Woke Disney also own ABC, ESPN, 21st Century Fox, Hulu, and National Geographic. They have been synonymous with family entertainment for almost 100 years.

Woke Disney is worth over 300 billion dollars and had over 65 billion in revenue last year. Their corporate headquarters are located in southern California.

Woke Offenses

  • Pushing the LGBTQ+ Agenda
  • Supporting Marxist organizations
  • Making nonsensical changes to their content

Pushing the LGBTQ+ Agenda

Woke Disney has gone full woke by shoving the LGBTQ+ agenda down the throats of their audience, which includes a huge chunk of impressionable children. I do not believe people that are LGBTQ+ should have less rights than anyone else. However, being LGBTQ+ is NOT something that should be celebrated or encouraged. It’s no different than celebrating drug use, alcoholism, or any other sinful activity.

Gonzo made into Gonzorella by Disney.

Unfortunately, Woke Disney has decided to go all out promoting this lifestyle. Just recently they’ve introduced a transgender Muppet baby. Woke Disney made the beloved children’s character, Gonzo, a transgender character.

Next, Woke Disney has recently made super heroes bi-sexual. In their recent Woke Disney+ series, Loki, they made the title character a bi-sexual. To be fair, in the comic books Loki is a shape-shifter and has taken on the shape of women before to deceive his enemies. However, the comics don’t really explore his sexuality. This is all about pushing an agenda to corrupt as many people as possible. Especially children and young teens who can be confused as to their sexual identity.

In the beloved classic, Frozen, they subtly throw in a gay male couple with four kids. I didn’t even realize they did that until I started to do some research for this article. Now they are more overt about it. They put in gay characters in the live action version of Beauty and the Beast, Onward, and the newly released Jungle Cruise. They even have a short movie called, “Out” that is about a boy coming out as gay. There are many more incidents of gay characters in Woke Disney movies and tv, which you can see here and here. It seems like Woke Disney throws in a gay character in everything they produce now. You would think that 50%+ of the world is gay with how much they highlight it in their productions. In fact, only about 4% of the population of the US is gay. Woke Disney vastly over represents the gay population.

Supporting Marxism

The Walt Woke Disney corporation is quite busy recently supporting Marxist causes. They gave money to Marxist organization NAACP just last year. In case you aren’t familiar with the NAACP, they are the organization founded in the early 1900’s by Marxists that purports to help black people. Sound familiar? It’s the same tactic BLM uses. The same tired Marxist playbook that the masses haven’t caught onto yet because they don’t study history.

Woke Disney also requires its employees to under go critical race training. This is the training that basically says that America is evil because it was founded by white men who owned slaves. Once again, it’s just the same old Marxist playbook using race to subvert American values. The leadership at Woke Disney must really hate America to want to turn it Marxists. We know they hate American workers because they replace them with cheaper labor from overseas.

Making woke changes to their content

In recent years, Woke Disney has been busy making woke changes to their content and their theme parks. In 2019, they put “cultural” warnings on such innocuous cartoons like Peter Pan and Dumbo. Has anyone ever watched either of those cartoons and found anything offensive about them? If you have, then you have issues. They are wholesome cartoons that any race, culture, creed can enjoy.

Even the Woke Disney theme parks, which people of all races have enjoyed for decades, are not immune from this crazy woke ideology. They removed a character that was a headhunter from an indigenous people. I guess they forgot that there are indigenous tribes that exist to this day that will kill you if you step foot on their land. Just because it casts someone in a bad light doesn’t make it not true. It’s just another example of Woke Disney living in their own fantasy world.

In 2017, they removed a wench auction scene in their Pirates of the Caribbean ride. I think we all know that wench auctions aren’t good things. The scene is meant to show the treachery and bad character of pirates and did an effective job at it. Pirates are scoundrels and they SHOULD be depicted as such.


I know what you are saying. “There isn’t an alternative to the new Marvel movies or the Mandolorian.” While that is true, there is PLENTY of content out there you can watch that won’t give your money to Marxist and LGBTQ+ agendas.

One fantastic show I recently watched is called, “The Chosen.” It is the story of Jesus Christ and is TV show making at its finest. Don’t take my word for it. Look at its 100 Rotten Tomato rating. Another bonus is that it’s free to watch because so many people have given money to it. Go to their website on details on how to watch.

You can also watch movies and TV shows on Pluto TV. Pluto TV is a free TV service. You simply have to go to the web page or download the app to watch. These tend to be older movies, but so what? They have a lot of good content that is always changing. For example, right now they have these movies: Matrix Trilogy, In the Line of Fire, Django Unchained, Transformers, The Silence of the Lambs. In the way of TV shows some of what they have is: Baywatch, Threes Company, Family Ties, MacGyver, Becker, and Cops. They also have live news from sources like The Blaze, First TV, and OANN.

Tubi tv is also a free movie/tv service. They have a ton of content. See the picture below for their featured movies for the month.

Tubi TV cross-section of family movies.

How about taking a break from TV and read a book? Do we always have to watch TV for entertainment? There are a ton of free books on the internet you can download and read. You can go to for 60,000 free books to download. Here is a site that shows 16 different sites where you can download free books.


Woke Disney has gone full woke through supporting the LGBTQ+ agenda, Marxism, and woke changes to their content and theme park rides. It’s high time we stop supporting them with our dollars.

There are plenty of alternatives outlined above to fill your content itch. You can also go outside and do something active like ride a bike, shoot hoops, or skateboard. How about building a robot? What about building a website like I’m doing with this website? The list of things this world has to offer is endless. You just have to be willing to look. You don’t need Woke Disney in your life.

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