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Woke Delta has gone off course with their mission to fly people.


Woke Delta is a major airline carrier based out of Atlanta, Gerogia. Delta makes about 5,400 flights daily to 352 destinations in 52 different countries. It is the second largest airline in the world.

Woke Delta made about 2.4 billion dollars last year. The company is worth about 27 billion dollars. Read on to find out why you should not support this woke company with your dollars ever again.

Woke Offenses

  • Against Body Autonomy
  • Supports Marxism
  • Founded racist organization
  • Against free and fair elections

Against Body Autonomy

Woke Delta announced that they will not make their employees get the experimental Covid-19 shot. This seemed like great news to me when I read it. Unfortunately, Woke Delta had something more nefarious up their sleeve.

On August 25th, 2021, Woke Delta made an announcement to its employees that if they don’t get the experimental Covid-19 shot they are going to charge them 200 dollars a month for some perceived increase in health premiums.

Woke Delta’s CEO, Ed Bastian, says that all employees who have been hospitalized for the virus in recent weeks were not fully vaccinated. I find this hard to believe and I think he’s lying. We know for a fact that the vaccinated are just as likely to be hospitalized as the non-vaccinated. It appears Mr. Bastian parrots the CDC’s false narrative that only 99% or 95% of the hospitalized Covid patients are vaccinated.

Lets do some math here. Delta has about 75,000 employees. Of these 75,000 employees probably 20% of them won’t get the shot. So that is 15,000 employees paying 200 dollars per month, which is 36 million a year. Out of those 15,000 employees about 1 percent(150) of them will need to be hospitalized for Covid. The average cost of a Covid stay according to the CEO of Delta is 40,000. That is 6 million dollars over 150 employees. So the CEO of Woke Delta wants to punish people over 6 million dollars for a multi-billion dollar company. This shows you he’s just an ideologue.

This is just an underhanded way to mandate experimental shots to its employees. Woke Delta knows very few are going to quit over a 200 dollar a month surcharge and this way they get to keep their employees in the midst of a worker shortage.

It is clear to me Delta doesn’t care about body autonomy. They want to punish you for your own health choices or coerce you to get a potentially dangerous shot.

Supports Marxism

Like any good left wing operation, Woke Delta supports Marxist organizations. In September of 2020, Woke Delta provided Black Lives Matter pins for its employees to wear. See below image.

Woke Delta BLM pin.

We know BLM is a Marxist organization because its founder said so. We also know one of the stated goals of BLM is to, “disrupt the nuclear family.” This is a goal of Communists and Marxists. They know if they can destroy the family then nothing stands in their way. The nuclear family is the antidote to Marxism. The big question is, “Does Woke Delta know they are supporting Marxism?” My guess is that they do and they do so proudly.

Founded Racist Organization

Woke Delta also supports discriminating against people because of the color of their skin. They are a proud founding member of the OneTen Coalition. The OneTen Coalition is a group of companies that have banded together to specifically search for people to work at their companies who are black. They recruit, hire, train and advance based on the person’s skin color. In this case, black skin color.

Imagine if a company did this just for white people. That would never be allowed nor should it be. It shouldn’t be allowed for any skin color. The people with the best qualifications for the job should be the ones that companies hire. This is especially true for an airline where the safety of the passengers should be the overwhelming main focus. Do you want the best pilot, regardless of skin color, or do you want a pilot just because he’s black? Personally, I’ll take the best pilot.

Against Free and Fair Elections

This seems to be a theme with woke companies that they are against free and fair elections. Woke Delta is no different. In 2021, Woke Delta’s CEO criticized the Georgia voting law that would require people to show their ID before voting.

Woke Delta claims that this would suppress the black vote. He must think black people are too stupid to get an ID. How racist is that?!

Fortunately, most of America isn’t racist and overwhelmingly agrees that IDs should be required to vote. In fact, 80% of all people agree with that. When is the last time you saw something in the US with 80% agreement? That just doesn’t happen very often.

My guess is the CEO of Woke Delta knows that by requiring voters to have ID will hamper his Democrat buddies in the elections. He’s against free and fair elections because it will hurt his business.


Alternatives depend on where you live and are traveling to. Of course, a good rule of thumb to avoid woke companies is to go with smaller companies. They tend to be less woke and instead focus on their product/service. Now lets look at a few different options for the US.

Frontier airlines is a good choice for flying domestically in the US, as well as to Mexico and Central America. One look at their web page and nothing woke pops out. They appear to focus on flying the customer from point A to B and nothing else. Their fares are low and their fleet is comprised of new airplanes. You will give up some comforts like WiFi and you will have to buy your drinks and snacks. I don’t really care about any of this when flying domestically. It is likely just a few hour flight. You don’t need food or drink for that short of time. You can also kill the time by sleeping or reading a book or downloading a movie to your tablet/laptop. No WiFi shouldn’t be a big deal.

Southwest Airlines appears to a decent choice to fly domestically within the US, as well. Southwest boasts being the world’s largest low fare carrier. A check of the web page reveals their charitable giving is mostly to local causes and disaster relief organizations. Of course, they still have the diversity and inclusion lip service that every publicly traded company seems to have, but it’s not in your face. Also, the CEO gives more to Republican causes.

UPDATE: Southwest Airlines no longer cares about body autonomy. They are mandating all employees get the jab by December 8th, 2021.

Of course, there are many more smaller carriers that you can research, but those two carriers should get you just about anywhere in the US. The vast majority of readers of this blog are from the US, so that is the focus. However, if someone from another country wants to contact me and have me research other countries, please feel free and I’ll update this article.


Woke Delta is one of the worst woke airlines you could possibly fly. They possess all the trademarks of a company that doesn’t care about traditional American values.

Woke Delta punishes its employees because they want to be healthy and not put an experimental drug into the body. They also support Marxism through their support of the Marxist Black Lives Matters organization. Woke Delta opposes voting legislation that requires the voter have an ID. Lastly, they support and found racist causes that judges the person only on their skin color.

Fortunately, if you are in the US, you can fly Southwest and/or Frontier airlines to get away from having to fly Delta. Either one of those airlines will get you anywhere in the US you want to go. There are also likely a number of other smaller regional carriers that will do the same.

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