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Woke CVS is a drug store giant in the United States. They have about 10,000 locations, with about 200,000 employees, and pull in about 135+ billion dollars a year in revenue.

It has come to my attention this company has gone full on woke. I personally HAD my prescription medicine at my local Woke CVS pharmacy until yesterday when I switched it. I had no idea they were woke until this last weekend. That is why this website is so important. People, including myself, need to learn about companies that are against our values and companies that are for our values so we can make better decisions with our hard-earned money.

Woke Offenses

  • CRT/Racist Against White People
  • Pushes LGBTQ+ Agenda
  • Coerced Medical Experimentation

CRT/Racist Against White People


First, Woke CVS is now holding “conscious inclusion” workshops for its employees. This workshop teaches employees how to snitch on one another if they see “non-inclusive” behaviors.

The woke program consists of three weeks of 30 minute self-study per week. In the fourth week there is a two-hour virtual workshop. The workshop promises the following: “Identify unconscious bias in your day-to-day interactions and experiences,” “[d]emonstrate bravery by speaking up and having difficult conversations when observing non-inclusive behaviors,” and “[c]ommit to holding yourself and your colleagues accountable to consistently embrace diversity of all kinds, and take swift action against non-inclusive behaviors.” 

Of course, we all know this critical race training is designed to demonize white people and divide people of different skin colors. The vast majority of white people in America were brought up to respect people of every background and not to judge people based on how they look.

Racist Against White People

Next, right from Woke CVS’s own website they state:

We are working to create jobs and increase economic opportunities for the people and local businesses in the communities we serve. We source products from diverse, women-owned and small businesses.

In other words, if you are a supplier that happens to be owned by a white person, you are going to be judged by your skin color first. Not on merit. You could be the best supply company in the world, but Woke CVS isn’t going to necessarily look at that. They are going to look to see if they have enough black-owned suppliers first.

Woke CVS also committed 600 million to a number of initiatives that do not include white people. For example, right from their website they state the 600 million will go to things like, “Mentoring, sponsorship, development and advancement of diverse employees.” Sorry white people, you don’t get the mentoring, sponsorship or development help. You can read the rest of their racist list here.

Pushes LGBTQ+ Agenda

Also, Woke CVS also pushes the LGBTQ+ agenda. They released an ad in 2014 that shows two gay men who are clearly together. It’s at about 25 seconds into the video in this article.

Woke CVS also scored a perfect 100 on the Human Rights Council index. This is an index that basically judges how a company treats the rights of different groups of people. As a side note, look at how the author of the article I just linked thinks we can’t live without Woke McDonalds, Budweiser, United, Woke JP Morgan Chase, Woke Disney, etc. How soulless do you have to be to hold these things in such high regard in your life as that author does?

Pushing Medical Experimentation

About a month ago, Woke CVS announced they will coerce their employees to get an experimental drug to treat Covid-19. Corporate workers must get the shot by October 31st and their pharmacists must get it by November 30th or they would presumably be fired.

The drug they are coercing them to get operates under an emergency authorization use, which means it’s experimental. The last time I know of that such an experiment was performed was on black people with the Tuskegee experiment. In the Tuskegee experiment the CDC let black men die of syphilis in order to see how syphilis acted if left untreated. They offered free health care to these men as an incentive.

Does this sound familiar? Today the CDC and demonic democrat politicians now offer people prizes if they get the experimental jab. I believe they are studying how mRNA jabs work on human test subjects. For those of us who can see through their plan, they try to coerce us through the loss of our livelihoods.


Fortunately, drug stores are a dime a dozen in our country and Woke CVS is not a necessity. First of all, other than a pharmacy, Woke CVS sells stuff you can find at almost at any store. In fact, I just bought vitamins and a thermometer at my grocery store. Why do I need Woke CVS for this type of thing?

This leads me to my first recommendation for replacing Woke CVS’s pharmacy. I personally transferred my prescription across the parking lot to Albertsons grocery store. Albertsons is a very neutral company. They also own Vons, so feel free to go there too. You are probably pretty safe going to any of your local grocers. Safeway is another good one.

If you happen to live in a town where your only physical location for your pharmacy needs is at a Woke CVS, you can go online. There are several online pharmacies that will ship your drugs to your home. In this article there are several suggestions for online pharmacies. Companies like Blink Health and Honeybee Health will do just fine. Just avoid Amazon Pharmacy, as they are woke.


Woke CVS has proven that it is willing to discriminate against white people, push critical race training, and coerce medical experimentation on its employees. They also push the LGBTQ+ agenda through their ads.

I personally have changed my prescription from Woke CVS to my local grocery store, which is Albertsons. Almost any grocery store will work though, such as Vons or Safeway.

If you want to get your prescription medicines online then you should go to Blink Health or Honeybee Health. They’ll deliver your drugs right to your home.


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