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Coke has gone downhill as a symbol of America.


Like the image above, Woke Coke used to be a symbol of Americanism. It went right along with a hamburger, apple pie, and baseball as Americana. Those days are long gone as you will read below.

For anyone that doesn’t know, Woke Coke company is a beverage company started in the US in 1886. It’s most famous for its flagship product Coca-Cola. It is sold in almost every country in the world and about 2 billion people drink some Coca-Cola product on a daily basis. The company is worth 250 billion dollars and made almost 8 billion in net profit last year.

Woke Coke has a number of spin off brands such as Sprite, Fanta, Schweppes, Fresca, Barqs, Dasani, Minute Maid, Powerade, Vitamin Water, and Fuze Tea. If you want the complete list go to here.

Woke Offenses

  • Against Free and Fair Elections
  • Pushes LGBTQ+ Agenda
  • Lobbies to keep people sick

Against Free and Fair Elections

On April 1st, 2021, Woke Coke announced they were against free and fair elections. Georgia passed a law that required voting ID in order to vote. This seems like a pretty common sense idea. All fair-minded people on Earth think that people should be verified as a legitiamate voter before being able to vote.

In a statement, Woke Coke said, “We want to be crystal clear and state unambiguously that we are disappointed in the outcome of the Georgia voting legislation.” They also added, “Throughout Georgia’s legislative session we provided feedback to members of both legislative chambers and political parties, opposing measures in the bills that would diminish or deter access to voting. ” Wait a minute, doesn’t Woke Coke sell soft drinks? What are they doing lobbying for voting legislation?

The AME Sixth Episcopla District of Georgia called for a boycott of Woke Coke. That district includes over 500 black churches. This demonstrates this is nothing about race as Woke Coke and other liberals contend. Fair-minded, good, honest black people want election integrity too. The only ones that don’t want election integrity are cheaters like Woke Coke.

Pushes LGBTQ+ Agenda

Woke Coke is a forerunner and leader of pushing the LGBTQ+ agenda. A totally Godless movement run by a small minority of demonic people. Their corporate website states, “Coca-Cola is proud of its history of supporting and including the LGBTQI community in the workplace, in its advertising and in communities throughout the world. From supporting pride parades to running rainbow-colored billboards, Coca-Cola has demonstrated its commitment to protecting employees from discrimination based on sexual orientation, gender identity and expression.”

In 2004, Woke Coke created an employee LGBTQA group within their company. Does Woke Coke put any special resources aside for straight people? I would guess they don’t. Why not treat everyone fairly at your company, Woke Coke?

In 2014, Woke Coke was the first company to have a commercial that features two gay dads in a Super Bowl ad. I guess to Woke Coke, pushing a sinful lifestyle is something they are proud of.

Not to be outdone by two gay dads in a commercial, Woke Coke started promoting transgendersim in their commercials. Not only transgenderism, but underage transgendersim. What’s next? Human and animal sex? How depraved can Woke Coke go? View the ad here, if you have the stomach for it.

Remember when I asked how depraved Woke Coke can go in the proceeding paragraph? Well, they can go even lower than pushing an underage person to change sexes. They apparently believe that it’s OK for a man to expose himself to women and little girls.

In 2016, Woke Coke voiced its opinion against a bill in North Carolina that said biological men have to go into men’s bathrooms and biological women have to go into women’s bathrooms. That seems pretty common sense to me. I guess Woke Coke thinks it’s OK for full grown men to expose themselves to eight year old girls.

Lobbies to Sicken People

Woke Coke contributes to this look.

I’m not sure if this next woke offense qualifies as being woke, but I’m going to throw it in there anyway because it’s just as evil as Woke Coke’s other woke offenses.

In 2020, it was discovered that Woke Coke buys influence within the health community to push away criticism that its products make people sick. Woke Coke, and other evil food companies, buy influence with researchers and government entities to push Woke Coke’s messaging, which always deflects blame from their products contributing to the obesity epidemic. Of course this obesity epidemic is the main cause of cancer and heart disease, which are the two leading killers of people in the US.

This is the game our food, beverage, pharma companies play. The food companies get you sick and the pharma companies keep you alive with their drugs long enough to make a boat load of money off of you before you die because you ate and drank this terrible food from these companies. It is evil personified to knowingly make people sick like this and then try to cover it up. Make no mistake, these companies are just as evil as the tobacco companies that used to provide “research” saying cigarettes were good for you.


There are plenty of alternatives to Woke Coke. The first alternative is to STOP drinking soda pop. It’s absolutely terrible for your body. It has been linked to obesity which causes premature hospitalization and death. I care too much about my readers to give them another soft drink to drink.

Now that we’ve established we aren’t going to drink soda pop ever again, lets get onto what we should drink. First and foremost, you should drink water for the majority of your drinking. Obviously water is great for you. We all know that.

Secondly, you should drink green tea. Green tea wards off viruses. That is very important in the day and age of Covid-19. It also wards off brain and heart diseases. If you want to learn more about this I suggest listening to Michael Savage’s podcast on the subject.

Next, some fruit juice is good to drink. Just make sure it doesn’t have anything added to it. Especially not sugar. Personally, I drink POM juice every day.

Lastly, if you must, you can still drink coffee. There are some health benefits to coffee. It’s not going to harm you in moderation. A glass of wine or a beer every now and then is fine too, if you must have something that isn’t healthy for you.


Woke Coke has shown us that they aren’t interested in focusing on their beverages to please customers. Instead they focus on enabling cheating in elections, pushing the demonic LGBTQ+ agenda, and making sure they make people sick and ultimately help kill them. I don’t know about you, but a company that wants to make me sick and kill me isn’t a place I want to spend even one dollar with.

The alternatives to Woke Coke are not only going to ensure that you don’t spend money with an evil company, but will also make you healthier. It’s a win win! First, drink plenty of water instead of the sugary Woke Coke beverages. Next, you could and should drink some green tea for amazing benefits to your body. Specifically your immune system. Lastly, you could drink some fruit juice as long as nothing is added to it. Also, if you want to have coffee and a few glasses of beer or wine that won’t be the worst thing in the world for you. It’s certainly better than drinking a Coca-Cola!

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