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Definition of Woke Companies:

According to the urban dictionary the definition of, “woke” is, “The act of being very pretentious about how much you care about a social issue.” Take this definition and apply it to companies.

Enter Woke Reports

Recently, myself and a lot of other people have been frustrated by the never ending line of corporations going, “woke.” That is, they support causes that don’t line up with our values and in some cases try to destroy our way of life. They do this in hopes of either attracting the “woke” crowd to their products or trying to avoid the wrath of the “woke” crowd who demands they capitulate to their values. They may also do this to try to gain political favor with politicians.

Why do we support “woke” companies?

Why do we support these “woke” companies if we don’t believe in the values they are pushing? A lot of it has to do with it’s what we are comfortable with and changing our behavior is hard. For example, a lot of us have watched the NFL for decades even though the NFL is a woke company.

We also support “woke” companies because people simply don’t know the alternatives. With you now have an alternative.

Purpose of identifies “woke” companies, list their “wokeness,” and offer alternative companies that you can proudly spend your money with instead of funding companies that destroy traditional western values. This site is primarily focused on American companies because that’s what I’m most familiar with. If people in other parts of the world want me to do a company in their area, please let me know and I’ll research it for you. It may also include individuals such as politicians.

My promises to you

My promise to you is to be transparent in presenting the “woke” companies with posts that are fact based with supporting documentation.

I also promise to not to do this in an underhanded way by selling your data to some third party. Check out the privacy policy for more information. I am a strong advocate of the belief that we should be able to surf the net without having our identities stolen and used against us.

Sincerely, admin


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